All-State Fence & Supply Family Mission


Brent Stewart, the owner and founder of All-State Fence & Supply , spent the first 13 years of his life in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Ted and Dot Stewart were Brent’s parents and they were missionaries in Brazil for 13 years.  Brent was 9 months old when they left the port of Houston, Texas in 1961 on a ship with 13 other families. They left their families and friends to travel to a foreign country and start new lives as missionaries.   Brent grew up in Brazil speaking Portuguese and English.  When Brent was 13 years old; his family left Brazil and returned to the United States.  Brent’s passion for world evangelism is a direct result of his experience growing up in Brazil. 

Brent and his wife Patti are Christians.  They believe that every Christian should use their gifts to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ.  Since it takes money to support missionaries and to build churches, they concentrated their efforts in reaching the lost through supporting those who are trained and gifted to evangelize the world. 

In 2006, Brent and his wife Patti prayed that God would use them as much as possible to help evangelize the world.  It is great to enjoy all of the blessings associated with being a Christian; however, Brent and Patti felt they could not sit back and be content with being a Christian when there are people all over the world who don’t know God and don’t have the hope of eternal life as they do.  As Christians, we are commanded to go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every person. 

In 2006, Brent and Patti decided to expand their operations with the goal of being able to finance more mission related efforts.  In 2007, the Midland/Odessa Fence Supply Center was built and All-State began selling fence supplies and installing fences in the Permian Basin area.  In 2008, Brent and Patti opened All-State Distributors, Inc. on six acres in northeast Lubbock, Texas.  This central distribution center has a railroad spur to receive lumber directly from the lumber mills located in northwest US and Canada.   All-State Distributors not only delivers materials to the Fence Supply Centers; but, they also deliver materials to a multitude of other wholesale lumber yards within a 3 hour radius of Lubbock.  In 2010, Brent and Patti built the Amarillo Fence Supply Center and All-State began selling fence supplies and installing fences in the Texas Panhandle.  In September of 2011; All-State became licensed to work in New Mexico and began installing fences in Eastern New Mexico.  In February of 2012, the All-State companies established the corporate office in southwest Lubbock where all of the companies were centrally managed from one office complex.  Brent and Patti believe the expansion and success of the All-State companies was a direct result of God blessing the company because of its mission of World Evangelism.