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We know there are many options to choose from when you’re looking for a fence for your home or business. It’s not just deciding what type of fencing to build. There are choices related to fence heights, what types of materials, and whether or not you should treat or stain your fence that need to be worked out. Regardless of whether your choices are based on aesthetics or functionality, All State Fence & Supply can help you get the best fence, for the most competitive price in the area. We have 3 locations to better serve you, including:

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Need A Fence Contractor In Amarillo?


When you need an experienced fence contractor to build, install, or repair your fence, count on All State Fence & Supply. We’ve been helping people across the South Plains of Texas, the Permian Basin, and Eastern New Mexico with their fencing needs for the last 40 years. We’ve been consistently rated as “Best” in the fence category in all three locations at various times over the last 20 years. We proudly maintain an aggregate Google rating of just over 4.8 with more than 325 reviews. What does all of this mean for you, the customer looking for a qualified professional to work on your fence? You know you’ll get a quality fence built right, using the best materials, at the most competitive prices around.


Wood, Iron, Chain Link, Or PVC Fence

In our 40+ years, we’ve seen every kind of fence. Whatever the style of fence suits your taste and budget, we can build it, install it, or repair it.

What Types Of Wood Fences Do We Work On?

There are four types of wood fences to choose from for your home or business. These are:

  1. Gothic Point
  2. Dog Ear
  3. Board on Board Privacy
  4. Decorative Cap

An important note about all fences which use a single layer of pickets side by side. Because wood comes to us green from the lumber mills, it will shrink a little during the first few weeks after installation. This allows for there to be small gaps between the pickets. The only fence that provides privacy by removing any gaps is the Board on Board Privacy

Although we have a page dedicated to each style, here is a brief synopsis of each type of wood fence.

Gothic Point


The Gothic Point fence is a traditional wood picket fence. The pickets on this fence come to a point and as such is sometimes associated with a slightly higher level of security. This fence looks good in almost any landscape setting, has been around for more than 5 decades, and is perhaps the most common of all wood fence types. We install or repair gothic point fences in 6′, 7′, and 8′ heights. We use either Western Red Cedar or White Wood for the pickets.

Dog Ear

Dog Ear Fencing from All State









The Dog Ear fence is a variation of the Gothic Point fence. It has been around the area for about the last 15 years. Where a Gothic Point has a pointed picket, the Dog Ear has the point squared off. This style has become more popular in recent years as people began to look for different styles. It comes in a variety of heights from 6′, to 7′, to 8′. We’re happy to utilize your choice of either Western Red Cedar or White Wood for the pickets in this fence style.


Board on Board Privacy

The Board on Board Privacy fence is the common choice for homeowners who have swimming pools, hot tubs or want added privacy from their fence. This fence style uses two layers of boards, with the second layer laid across the gaps of the first. This prevents others from seeing through the gaps left between the pickets, due to shrinkage, which is common in Dog Ear and Gothic Point picket fences. It is more common to install this fence type with Western Red Cedar, but White Wood can be used if desired. We install this type of fence in several heights of 6′, 7′, or 8′ varieties. Because of the weight of the fence, we recommend using metal gate frames to prevent sagging, when it is being installed in a drive through, or walk through double gate.

Decorative Cap

The Decorative Cap fence is a nice alternative to the Gothic Point or Dog Ear fence styles. Compared to these two fence types, it provides a little extra privacy, as there is a horizontal wood “cap” that is installed on the top of the square pickets. However, this fence style does not provide the same level of privacy as a Board on Board fence, as it still has only a single layer of pickets mounted side by side.


Chain Link Fence


Chain link fence is utilized in both commercial and residential applications. It can be a great choice for businesses as it provides security and the ability to monitor areas around and outside the fence. It can also be a cost-effective choice for homeowners. There are two types of chain link fencing, GAW and GBW.

GBW is “galvanized before weaving.” As the name suggests, this fencing is galvanized and then woven afterward. This can cause wear to the galvanized coating (zinc) at the joints which can allow the fence to begin to rust. This shortens the lifespan of the fence.

GAW is “galvanized after weaving.” This type of fence is woven first, then the zinc coating is applied after weaving. This means there is a solid zinc coating bonded to the outside of the wire. The woven areas are better protected from corrosion, increasing their lifespan. GAW fence is more expensive, but it is more cost-effective in the long run.

Our chain link fencing comes in three different weights, light, medium, and heavy. Our light fencing comes in heights of 4′, 5′, and 6′ tall. Our medium weight fencing comes in 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, and 8′ heights. Our heavy chain link fencing (for heavy commercial applications) comes in heights of 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ tall.


Ornamental Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences, also known as decorative iron fences, are almost maintenance-free, and add a unique beauty to homes and businesses. All-State Fence & Supply is proud to use only Ameristar brand iron fencing. Frequently, wrought iron fences are welded at a local shop and are not properly galvanized. This leaves them susceptible to corrosion and a shorter lifespan.

Ameristar brand fences go through a six wash cycle before being fuse-welded and e-coated.  The E-coating process is used by the automobile industry in the painting of its vehicles. This allows Ameristar to offer a 20-year warranty on their fences. Ameristar is the largest supplier of wrought iron fencing in the US, and their factory is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



PVC Fencing From All-State Fence & Supply

PVC fences add beauty to your home in a maintenance-free fence. We do offer PVC fences in three styles, including, ranch rail, privacy, and decorative.

Ranch Rail

This type of fence is popular around the perimeter of estates and riding arenas for horse owners. We offer it in white or tan,j and in 2 rail, 3 rail, and 4 rail varieties. This fence never needs to be scraped or painted like it’s wood counterparts.


PVC privacy fences come in a variety of heights and styles to suit individual tastes. It is available in white or tan, however, it’s not generally recommended in areas of high winds. This type of fence is expensive to install because of the labor involved in installation.


Decorative PVC fences are a beautiful fence option. Like all PVC fences, they are maintenance-free and we offer them in colors of white or tan. Like the PVC privacy fence, it is a more expensive option due to the labor involved in the installation. This type of fence is not recommended in areas of high traffic or near schools.


Whatever your fencing needs, our professional staff can build, repair, or install every type of fence in both residential and commercial applications. Call today and let us provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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