Staining & Sealing Western Red Cedar Fences

Western Red Cedar will last for many years without any additional treatment.  As with any other natural wood, Cedar will start to darken and turn the familiar grayish color that we associate with wood fences.  You may notice some fences that retain that new look.  These fences have been treated with a wood stain.  There are many brands of stain available.  Most stains are generic and are not made for a specific type of wood.  All-State Fence & Supply highly recommends Wood Defender for those wishing to maintain that new look for their Cedar fence.  Wood Defender is not only a stain; it is also a sealant.  Wood Defender performed extensive research and formulated stains which create longer lasting, transparent finishes on Western Red Cedar.


There are two types of Wood Defender stain available:


Transparent Fence Stain:

This fence stain was created with a customized formula designed with finely ground trans-oxide pigments allowing all wood grain to be visible while also providing excellent U.V. protection.  All-State Fence highly recommends this stain for those who do not want to block the natural grain of the Western Red Cedar lumber on newly built fences.  The transparent fence stain is backed by a two year manufacturer warranty.


“Semi-Transparent” Wood Defender stain:

This fence stain  utilizes opaque pigments which offer unparalleled ultra-violet protection while still allowing wood grain to be visible.  The Semi-Transparent stain contains more pigments than the Transparent Stain.   This will cause some of the natural grain in Western Red Cedar to be covered up.  The Semi-Transparent stain will change the color of the natural Cedar look.  This stain is also recommended for re-stain jobs in which the cedar is faded and has blemishes.  This stain is backed by a three year manufacturer warranty.


All-State Fence & Supply carries a full line of “Wood Defender” products, and we have samples displayed in our “Fence Showrooms” in Amarillo, Lubbock and Midland/Odessa.


Transparent” Stain (available shades):

  • Cedar Tone    ●  Clear Glow     ● Oxford Brown     ●Sequoia


Semi-Transparent” Stain (available shades):

  • Coffee Brown     ● Sable Brown    ● Sierra      ●Rustic Oak


Staining & Sealing Decks, Arbors, Gazebos and Siding

Wood Defender is highly recommended for staining and weather proofing decks, arbors, gazebos and any type of siding constructed with Redwood or Western Red Cedar.


Staining White Wood Fences (Pine, Spruce, Fir)

All-State Fence & Supply highly recommends “Semi-Transparent” Wood Defender stain for those wishing to maintain that new look for their White Wood fence.   Since the lifespan of White Wood is a lot shorter than Cedar; it needs the extra pigment in the Semi-Transparent stain in order to extend the life of White Wood fences.



If you would like a “Professional” to apply this stain to your fence, then we recommend that you call Southwest Fence Staining at 806-632-5309 in Lubbock & Amarillo, or, in Midland/Odessa call (432) 684-5448 (www.swstaining.com) for a free estimate.