Ornamental Iron fence is one of the most attractive and fashionable fences that can be installed at your home or business.  Whether the fence is needed for security, pet containment or perimeter enclosure, you can not go wrong with this beautiful and maintenance free fence.  However, not all ornamental iron fences are maintenance free.  Most ornamental iron fences are custom welded at a local welding shop and will deteriorate over time due to internal and external rusting.  All-State Fence highly recommends using the Ameristar brand of fence for your ornamental iron fence projects.  Ameristar uses new galvanized (inside & out) tubing in the construction of its ornamental iron fencing which goes through a six wash cycle before being fuse-welded and e-coated.  The E-coating process is used by the automobile industry in the painting of its vehicles.  Because of this process, Ameristar stands behind its product with a 20 year warranty which gives the home owner or business owner peace of mind.  Not only is Ameristar the world’s largest ornamental iron manufacturer; they are also located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and all products are made in the U.S.A.



Available in the following heights:


  • 4’ Tall
  • 5’ Tall
  • 6’ Tall
  • 7’ Tall
  • 8’ tall


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