Family Owned and Operated Since 1979


Stewart_Family_35 editIn 1979, Brent Stewart began repairing fences in Lubbock to help put his way through college at Texas Tech University.  He owned a 1977 Grand Prix and used the trunk of his car to haul a wheel barrow and posthole digger and a few other tools.  The next year Brent decided to quit college and go into business full time building fence.  He decided to name his company “All-State Fence Company”.  Brent went to the bank and borrowed enough money to buy a truck, trailer, concrete mixer, and a power auger to drill holes.


Brent developed a reputation for building the best fences in town.  For over 10 years, Brent built his own fences.  With the excellent reputation and great demand for his services, Brent was forced to hire extra help to install his fences.  Brent insisted his crew foremen build fences exactly the way he did to continue the tradition and reputation of All-State Fence Company.


In September of 2001, Brent and his wife Patti started a new company and named it All-State Fence & Supply.  Brent wanted to make available to the public, the same top quality materials that were being installed by his installation company.  Most of the lumber and posts previously available to the public were inferior to the materials used by All-State Fence Company.  All-State Fence & Supply began selling fence supplies to the public, building contractors, cities and schools.

In December of 2007, All-State Fence & Supply expanded its operations into the “Permian Basin Area”.  They opened the largest “Fence Supply Center” in West Texas between Midland and Odessa.  This additional location was built on the north side of Highway 191, one mile east of F.M. 1788.  All-State Fence & Supply began serving the “Permian Basin Area” by providing the same top quality materials and installation as it had done so in the Lubbock area.


In March of 2010, All-State Fence & Supply opened its third Fence Supply Center in the Amarillo area between Amarillo and Canyon on Interstate 27 & Rockwell Road.  Brent Stewart, the owner and founder of All-State Fence & Supply was born in Amarillo, Texas.   Brent was pleased to be able to provide the same top quality materials and installation to his home town as he had done so in Lubbock and the Permian Basin Area.


In 2008, Brent and his wife Patti started a new company named “All-State Distributors, Inc.”.  This company is located in northeast Lubbock on a six acre site complete with a BNSF railroad spur.  All-State began purchasing all of its lumber in rail road cars from the lumber mills in Washington State and Canada in order to buy cheaper and pass this savings on to its customers.  All-State Distributors also sells supplies to wholesale and retail establishments and to the larger contractors.  All-State Distributors’ semi-trucks deliver materials to lumber stores within a three hour span from Lubbock in all directions including Eastern New Mexico, Abilene, Amarillo (& north to the Texas Border), Midland/Odessa, Big Spring and San Angelo.  All-State Distributors delivers truckloads of fencing materials to All-State Fence & Supply at all three locations on a weekly basis.


After 38 years, Brent Stewart and his family are still active in the operations of All-State Fence & Supply. All-State Fence has been voted “Best Fence Company” by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal Readers for sixteen consecutive years.  The Lubbock Avalanche Journal is the only newspaper in Lubbock, Texas. The tradition and reputation of All-State Fence & Supply continues to live on.